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Hans Butane Gas Canister

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About this item

  • Net Weight – 250 Grams. Gross Weight – 350 Grams.
  • Nozzle/Pin-type Canister.
  • UN 2037 + EN417 Compliant.
  • 0.2 mPa @ 30 °C. Perfect for Stoves, Camping and Culinary Applications.
  • Composition: Propane (2%), ISOButane (23%), N-Butane (75%).

Hans Butane Gas Canister (Butane + IsoButane + Propane mix)

Universal tip, pin type canister fuels all leading butane lighters Will not clog burner valves thus affecting flame height and function

This product can also be used to fill most butane Butane operating gas stove,torches,candles and butane curling irons etc.

Refill adapter (Free with the Gas Canister)

If you are spewing fluids when refilling your gas lighter, you may need an adapter. This is more common with vintage or high end lighters. The set of 6 different sized nozzles is essential when you use the same gas canister to refill multiple gas appliances like cigarette lighters, flame throwers, portable gas torch, portable soldering tool, Flame torch etc. One of the six different nozzles is sure to fit your appliance. Make sure to use the right one so as not to leak any gas when refilling

green fuel

The Ultimate Green Fuel

Here are a few advantages of using butane gas while on the trail.


  • Butane is Inexpensive.
  • Butane Works Quickly.
  • Butane is Easy to Use.
  • Butane is Less Toxic and Better for the Environment.
  • Butane is Easy to Carry.
  • Butane is Energy Efficient.


portable fuel


cheap fuel

Smaller and Lighter Fuel

Butane stoves are usually smaller and lighter than propane stoves. They are sold in both single and double burner options. Like propane camp stoves, they can be moved from inside a camper to an outdoor picnic table. Many of them come with a handy carrying case.

Storing Butane is easy

Storing butane fuel canisters takes up less room than propane. The majority of the time, butane canisters come in 8-ounce sizes and easily stack inside an RV cabinet or pantry. Just be sure to keep canisters away from flames or wet areas since they can rust.

Butane fuel is less expensive and less toxic

Butane fuel is less expensive and less toxic than propane fuel. While the flame is not as hot as propane, it does burn about 10 to 12 percent more efficiently than propane in similar environments

The butane blow torch can be useful in the kitchen.

The butane blow torch can be useful in the kitchen.

The butane blow torch is commonly used to caramelize sugar on creme brulee, brown the top of the meringue, roast vegetables and melt cheese or chocolate.

DIY gas torch

Welding Brazing Soldering

Cooking with butane gas

Butane Gas for DIY Projects

Blowtorches are also useful for craft projects ranging from glass blowing to decorative powdercoating. They even have culinary applications, as a butane-fuelled torch is needed for caramelising the top of a crème brûlée.

BUtane Gas for Welding, Brazing, Soldering

Butane and propane are similar gases that can be used alone as fuel gases or mixed together. Butane and propane have a lower flame temperature than acetylene. Butane-Propane are more frequently used for soldering, brazing and heating.

Butane gas for chefs

A professional Chef’s Torch adds the finishing touch to your culinary creations. Ideal for browning meringues, caramelising sugar, flaming desserts, crisping joints of meat, skinning tomatoes and general food styling.

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