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Shiv Dhank Trek - Trekking near Chandigarh - Shepherdtrail3

All you need to know about Shiv Dhank Trek | Day hike near Chandigarh in Solan

If you are around Chandigarh and looking for a quick day hike then Shiv Dhank Trek is one of the best options available near Solan.

Shiv Dhank Trek Information

Shiv Dhank trek distance- Approx 3 km
Difficulty Level – Easy Hike (Suited best for a day hike)
Min. days required – Can be done in a single day

Best Time to visit Shiv Dhank Trek  – Avoid during rains

How to reach the base – The Shiv Dhank trek starts from Patta Ghat in Solan. While coming from Chandigarh at Kumarhatti take the road on left towards Barog. 2-3 KM before Barog you will find a road on left going towards Patta Ghat (best to ask locals). When you reach Patta Ghat you will come across a fresh ground water tank. You can start your journey for the trek from here.

About the hiking experience to Shiv Dhank Trek – We started our trek in the afternoon. The initial trek is inclined though the trail is clearly visible.

Shiv Dhank Trek - Trekking near Chandigarh - Shepherdtrail 1

The trail can be divided into three sections. The first section is till “Shree Nagarkoti Shaktipeeth” and then till The Shiva temple and at last at the cliff top.

After hiking for approx half a km you will come across Shree Nagarkoti Shaktipeeth temple from where the peak is clearly visible. The temple is very beautiful and has a campground and Sarai wherein devotees stay during their religious pilgrimage.

Shiv Dhank Trek - Trekking near Chandigarh - Shepherdtrail4

From the temple, you need to exit from the gate on the left on the temple ground. From there you will find 2 ways to go upwards you need to take the way on the left.

Shiv Dhank Trek - Trekking near Chandigarh - Shepherdtrail5

2 trails emerge after Temple right beside this water storage tank. You need to take the trail on left.


Shiv Dhank Trek - Trekking near Chandigarh - Shepherdtrail 9

Seems like a Samadhi though we could not verify.

Stay on the trail on left and after a few minutes, you will see the temple which is visible. There is a Shivling at the temple cave. Right above the Shivling you will see a white rock and if you tap it will sound like a pellet drum.

Shiv Dhank Trek - Trekking near Chandigarh - Shepherdtrail 6

The entry point to the Lord Shiva Temple

Once you reach the temple you can find ground water storage (Bodi) there.

Shiv Dhank Trek - Trekking near Chandigarh - Shepherdtrail 7

Water storage tank besides rain shelter right above the temple

From the shelter, you need to follow the path on the right to reach the cliff top which hosts another small Shiva Temple. The path is filled with Pine, Cheed, and Devdar tree. Once you reach at the top you have a 360-degree view of Solan and Shimla valley.

Shiv Dhank Trek - Trekking near Chandigarh - Shepherdtrail 8

The view from the top

While we were going towards the peak we lost our way and took a right turn from the water tank and ended up right below the rocky peak.

Shiv Dhank Trek - Trekking near Chandigarh - Shepherdtrail 12

Snacks time on the trail

We literally had to make our way to the top and frankly speaking, that experience filled us with an adrenaline rush. At the top, you will find another cave with Shivling inside the cave and also a rain shelter (not manmade), a typical rocky alignment which is being used as a rain shelter and stay place for the night. We could see fire remains below the rocky shelter.

Shiv Dhank Trek - Trekking near Chandigarh - Shepherdtrail 11

Our group at the mountain top

Things to keep in mind before attempting Trek.

  • There are no tea stalls on the trek. Carry all essentials for the trek.
  • If you are hiking in rain it’s better to carry a big umbrella or rain poncho.
  • Mobile network is available on most of the trek.
  • There is Sarai at the temple however it was locked when I visited the trek.
  • Trek is a bit challenging at a few points and you may need to prepare for this in advance.
  • If you are doing this trek during winter please carry trekking and snow gear.

If you are planning for the trek and want to hire camping/trekking equipment you can rent it out at Chandigarh from Gadget Rental India.

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