Chandernahan Lake Trekking – Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Chandernahan Lake Trek is on the south-eastern slopes of the Himalayas. Located in the Rohru town in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh. The altitude of the Chandernahan trek takes you to around 4200 meters above sea level and definitely, it takes you to the peak of thrill and adventure. This is one of the most beautiful trekking routes in the region. Chandernahan Lake Trek is truly mesmerizing.

It is the trekker’s paradise, has everything right from the Sky kissing mountains, deep virgin forests to gurgling streams, waterfalls after every 5km of the trek which leaves travelers spellbind. The trek starts from the heritage and historic Janglik Village.

Historical Importance of Chandernahan Trek

Chandernahan Lake is not just a trekking place, rather it has spiritual importance in Rohru. As per the regional belief, it is the birthplace of Devta Shikru Naharaj (God), and followers believe that once in every ten years Moon (Chandra Maa) visits the lake for a ritual bath. So on the name of Chandra i.e Chand (Moon), this name had given name Chandernahan.

“It is believed that there are 7 lakes but only 6 lakes are visible to us but the seventh lake is one of the mightiest lake among them but till today no one had ever seen this lake.”So this trek also gives trekkers some thrilling moments during the trek. Local people believe that the lake is a holy home of Goddess Kali and one of the mightiest Lord Jakh. The alluring temple of Devta Jakh is located in the heart of Rohru in Janglikh village. The temple is nearly 500 years old and its architecture and design are some of the attractive things for travelers and trekkers. Before entering this historic place Janglikh, firstly you will be welcomed by a mesmerizing waterfall of approximately 50 meters truly a treat for the eyes.

Travel to base –

The nearest airport is Chandigarh. From Chandigarh, you can easily find local buses and Taxis to Shimla from where it is recommended to go in a private taxi.

Nearest railway station is Shimla from where you can take a taxi to Janglikh. It’s 6-7 hours journey from Shimla.

Short itinerary for Chandernahan Lake Trek

Day 1 – Reach Janglikh and explore places in Dharamshala. The village is purely heritage and picturesque. Acclimatize in village and go for shorter walks in the village and enjoy local culture.

Day 2 – Janglikh to Dayara Thach – The trek winds through the thick forests, beautiful meadows, and grassy land ascents.
It’s a moderate trek, takes around 4-5 hours to reach Dayara Thach. Have dinner and night stay at beautiful meadow Dayara Thach.

Day 3 – Dayara Thach to Litham Thach – Start excursion to LithamThach through the meadow of Mounti Thach. These meadows are truly heaven for nature’s lovers. After 5-6 hours of ascending you will reach Litham thach . Now enjoy the beauty of Nature as you are in front of the beautiful Chandernahan waterfall.

Day 4 –Chandernahan waterfall to seven glacial ponds to back to Janglikh

Things to keep in mind before attempting Chandernahan Lake Trek.

  • The temperature gets very tricky and it will be very cold on the trek so do remember to carry enough warm layers.
  • Mobile network is not available on most of the trek.
  • There are no stay options so it is recommended to carry your camping gear or hire an agency to manage your stay and food needs.
  • It’s recommended to hire a trekking guide for this trek. Alternatively, you can also join any group doing this trek.
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