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Why you should hire trekking guide for your next trek?

I want to share my thoughts about a very important topic: whether to trek solo or hire an agency? Well for people who are going for a trek but don’t like much company, hiring a local guide gives you a lot of flexibility and freedom. Hiring a guide is definitely required if you are going for any Himalayan trek.

With trekking growing in India and more people going for treks many local and government bodies have made having a certified trekking guide mandatory for most Himalayan treks. There are a lot of agencies already operating in India which ensures safety and precautions are ensured on treks. Though if you are the kind of person who doesn’t like much of the company you can hire a trekking guide in India.

Most of the trekking guides are certified on safety protocols and know-how to handle any emergency. They are professionals and experienced local guides who know the terrain.

We have listed down a few benefits of hiring a trekking guide for your next trekking trip.

  1. Safety and Security

If you are trekking, having a certified guide ensures safety and security during the trek. Whether you are going on a day hike, trek or expedition you can trust your guide with knowledge of the trail, local weather, routes, good campsites and every precaution to be taken care of. In addition to it, guides are also certified in first aid and can handle any adverse situations.

The guides will also have a good idea of hygienic water sources or food facilities on trails. That way, you can keep diseases away. This will save you from the discomfort of altitude sickness.

Hiring a local guide also adds the benefit of your guide being acclimatized with the local conditions and would be able to help you out in case of any emergency.

  1. Regional knowledge and cultural experience 

Hiring a local guide helps you communicate better with the locals at times. In all Himalayan treks when you are in the interior people there don’t understand other languages than the regional language. A local guide will always have knowledge of the language and would be able to communicate better.

In addition to it, while you are doing a trek, you need to respect and abide by the local culture. Having a guide helps you understand local culture and helps you experience the same.

An excellent adventure travel guide will have a strong understanding of the area where he/she operates. This entails knowing local trails, conditions, weather, and risks. Guides will also ensure you have all the equipment you need before you begin.

  1. Flexible Itineraries 

You often have come across scenarios where you are trekking in a group and have to stick to the Itinerary of the organizer. Even if you like a place and want to spend an additional day or want to rest and acclimatize you have to keep moving as per the trek operator’s itinerary. Having a personalized guide will add flexibility to the itinerary and you can trek at your own pace.

  1. Support the local economy

Hiring local trekking guides also helps to put money in the pockets of locals living in the areas you visit. Also, it adds to the employment in the hills. At ShepherdTrail we give preference to local guides when we suggest a particular trail and guide. This is also part of our vision statement where we are supporting local communities.

Your money not only helps them to live a good life, but it also often helps them to support their families, too.

  1. Mental and Physical Support

As trekking is challenging, there might be occasions where you may feel like giving up the trek. But the guides will constantly boost your morale and show you some simple ways that you can complete the trek.

On the other hand, there might be instances when you push yourself too hard to complete the trek. The guides will help you maintain a good pace without stretching your physical limits too far. This is very important to avoid fatigue and altitude sickness.


With such safety issues and wonderful services that guides provide you, it will come as a surprise if you don’t hire a guide. They are your reliable bet to having a culturally wonderful experience. Their strength, support, and determination to help and protect you is something you can learn from.

General Terms and Conditions: 

  • One guide can handle a group size of a maximum of 8 persons.
  • If the group size is more than 8 persons, you need to book one more guide.
  • Entry tickets, parking charges and other miscellaneous charges are not included.

What the cost include

  • The daily wages of the porters, guides and porter cum guides
  • The meals (including tea and coffee), as well as accommodation
  • The government taxes as well as agency service charge

What the cost excludes

  • The cost of transportation including any flight (if necessary)
  • The cost doesn’t cover any tips that you feel inclined to give to the porters, guides, and porters cum guides.

So, if you are looking to hire a guide for your next trekking trip you can simply hire them from any agency available or just chat on the Shepherdtrail, we might be able to help you out by suggesting a good trekking guide.

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